Top 10 Anime like Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun


Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun, also known as Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun, is a sports comedy anime that follows the life of Aoyama, a soccer prodigy with an obsessive cleanliness habit. If you enjoyed the humor, quirky characters, and sports elements in this series, here are ten similar anime recommendations that will keep you entertained:


Haikyuu!! follows Shoyo Hinata, a passionate volleyball player with dreams of becoming a top player despite his short stature. The series is filled with intense matches, character development, and plenty of humor, making it a great choice for fans of sports anime with a comedic twist.

Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Sakamoto desu ga? features Sakamoto, the coolest and most perfect high school student who can handle any situation with style and grace. The show’s humor and the protagonist’s unique personality are reminiscent of Aoyama’s quirky cleanliness obsession.

Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Kuroko no Basket centers on Tetsuya Kuroko, a seemingly invisible basketball player who forms a formidable duo with the talented Taiga Kagami. The series combines intense sports action with character-driven comedy, making it a perfect fit for fans of Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys follows the humorous and often absurd everyday experiences of three high school friends. The series’ slice-of-life comedy and quirky characters provide a similar lighthearted and entertaining vibe.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon follows Yuugo Hachiken, a city boy who enrolls in an agricultural high school to escape the pressures of academic life. The series blends comedy, unique characters, and a touch of sportsmanship through its various agricultural activities.

Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis tells the story of Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy’s tennis team. The series combines competitive sports action with moments of humor and camaraderie among teammates.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge follows Tanaka, a high school student who is perpetually lazy and listless. The show’s laid-back humor and the protagonist’s unique personality traits offer a similar charm to Aoyama-kun’s cleanliness quirk.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club focuses on a group of high school boys who revive their school’s swim team. The series combines sports, friendship, and plenty of humorous moments, making it a great watch for fans of sports comedies.


Barakamon follows Seishuu Handa, a calligrapher who moves to a remote island after a public outburst. The series’ humor and the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery amidst quirky villagers provide a heartwarming and entertaining experience.


Gintama is a long-running series that blends comedy, action, and drama in a unique way. Following the adventures of Gintoki Sakata and his friends, the show’s absurd humor and diverse cast of characters make it a must-watch for fans of comedic anime.


If you enjoyed Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun for its humor, quirky characters, and sports elements, these ten anime recommendations offer similar entertainment. Each series provides its own unique take on comedy and character dynamics, ensuring plenty of laughs and engaging moments.


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