5 Unconventional Anime Genres and Subgenres

November 3, 2023 | by Zaid Mughal


There are a lot of anime genres to watch animes from like Shoujo, Shounen, and Seinen, a few of the popular genres but some are unconventional.
So in this article, we will be writing about those genres and some of the animes you can see in these genres

1- Isekai Satire: Explore anime that cleverly parodies the popular isekai (alternate world) genre, offering a comedic take on overused tropes and clichés.

Animes you can watch in Isekai Sattie:

 1-“KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!”: This anime humorously parodies the isekai genre by following an inept hero and his quirky party members in a dysfunctional alternate world.

 2-“The Devil is a Part-Timer!”: It explores the comedic side of an overpowered demon lord who ends up working part-time at a fast-food restaurant in modern Tokyo.

3-“Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious”: This anime takes the isekai trope to the extreme, with a hero who is excessively cautious, leading to hilarious results.

2- Food Wars, and Beyond: Dive into the world of culinary anime that go beyond “Food Wars” and explore lesser-known series that celebrate the art of cooking and gourmet experiences

Animes you can watch in Food Wars, and Beyond:

 1- “Sweetness and Lightning”: It focuses on the heartwarming journey of a single father and his young daughter as they bond over cooking.

 2- “Restaurant to Another World”: This anime explores the concept of a restaurant that serves otherworldly creatures on certain days of the week.

 3- “Mister Ajikko”: An older series that delves into the culinary world, following a young boy’s journey to become a master chef.


3- Historical Fantasy: Discover anime that blends historical settings with fantastical elements, creating unique and captivating narratives that transport viewers to otherworldly pasts.

 Animes you can watch in Historical Fantasy:

 1- “The Ancient Magus’ Bride”: It combines elements of folklore and magic in a Victorian-era setting, following a young woman who becomes an apprentice to a magus.

 2- “Dororo”: A historical fantasy about a young warrior and a cursed child in feudal Japan.

 3- “Golden Kamuy”: Set in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War, it follows a group searching for hidden Ainu treasure in a wilderness filled with danger..

4- Space Slice of Life: Uncover anime that combines the charm of slice-of-life storytelling with a space-faring backdrop, showcasing the everyday lives of characters on interstellar journeys.

 Animes you can watch in Space Slice of Life

 1- “Planetes”: It offers a realistic portrayal of life as space debris collectors, focusing on the daily lives and struggles of its characters.

 2- “Aria the Animation”: Set on a terraformed Mars, it follows the daily routines of gondoliers in a tranquil, futuristic Venice-like city.

 3- “Space Brothers”: This anime chronicles the journey of two brothers striving to become astronauts and explores their training and experiences.

5-Mecha Musicals: Delve into the lesser-explored niche of mecha anime that incorporates musical elements, offering action-packed battles with song and dance numbers.

 Animes you can watch in Mecha Musicals

 1- “Macross” Series: These shows feature transforming mecha, love triangles, and captivating music performances, blending mecha action with music.

 2- “Idolish7”: While not a traditional mecha anime, it combines idol singing and competition with a sci-fi backdrop.

 3- “Symphogear”: This series blends mecha suits with music, as heroines use their singing powers to combat supernatural threats.


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