Top 10 Anime Like “Apothecary Diaries”


Anime enthusiasts who found joy in the intricate blend of historical settings, mystery, and a touch of herbal magic in “Apothecary Diaries” are in for a treat with these ten captivating shows that share a similar allure.

Ascendance of a Bookworm: This anime draws parallels with “Apothecary Diaries” through its strong, resourceful female protagonist. The story revolves around Myne, a book-loving girl reincarnated in a medieval fantasy world, as she navigates her way through societal challenges.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: With a mix of magic, folklore, and a mysterious mentor-student dynamic, this anime captivates audiences much like “Apothecary Diaries.” Follow Chise Hatori as she delves into the supernatural world alongside the enigmatic Elias.

Spice and Wolf: Set against a medieval backdrop, this series combines economic intrigue with the charm of supernatural entities. Lawrence, a traveling merchant, teams up with the wolf deity Holo, creating a tale of adventure and companionship.

Mushishi: For those drawn to the mystical and ethereal, “Mushishi” offers a unique viewing experience. Following Ginko, a Mushi Master, the anime delves into the world of Mushi, supernatural creatures that exist alongside the natural order.

Snow White with the Red Hair: This romantic fantasy mirrors the character-driven narrative of “Apothecary Diaries.” Shirayuki, a skilled herbalist, escapes her kingdom and finds love and purpose in a new land.

Emma: A Victorian Romance: Stepping into the historical romance genre, “Emma” shares the elegance and charm of “Apothecary Diaries.” The story unfolds in Victorian England, where a maid’s love defies social norms.

Jormungand: This action-packed series, akin to “Apothecary Diaries,” showcases an unconventional female lead. Koko Hekmatyar, an arms dealer, navigates a world of danger and intrigue in this compelling tale.

The Case Study of Vanitas: With a blend of vampires and steampunk aesthetics, this anime provides a gripping narrative. Follow Vanitas, a vampire doctor, as he unravels the mysteries surrounding the Book of Vanitas.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers: This fantasy anime, featuring a unique whodunit plot, echoes the suspenseful elements found in “Apothecary Diaries.” Six heroes must uncover an imposter in their midst to save the world.

The Violet Evergarden: Dive into a tale of self-discovery and emotional healing with Violet, a former soldier turned Auto Memory Doll. The breathtaking animation and poignant storytelling make this series a must-watch for fans of character-driven narratives.

Conclusion: In exploring these anime, viewers can embark on diverse journeys filled with enchanting worlds, intriguing characters, and the same sense of wonder that makes “Apothecary Diaries” a standout in the anime realm.


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