Top 10 Anime Similar to Isekai Yakkyoku


Isekai Yakkyoku

“Isekai Yakkyoku” (Parallel World Pharmacy) is a fascinating blend of isekai (another world) and medical fantasy. If you enjoyed this series and are looking for similar anime, here are ten recommendations that you might find equally engaging:

1. Dr. Stone

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: After a mysterious phenomenon turns every human on the planet into stone, two friends awaken thousands of years later to rebuild civilization using the power of science. “Dr. Stone” combines elements of survival and scientific discovery, much like the medical advancements in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

2. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Synopsis: A book-loving girl is reborn in a medieval world where books are scarce. Determined to read again, she sets out to create her own books. The protagonist’s innovative approach to transforming the world around her parallels the pharmaceutical advancements in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Synopsis: A salaryman is reincarnated in a fantasy world as a powerful slime. He uses his newfound abilities to help others and build a community. The series blends isekai elements with a focus on improving society, similar to “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

4. Log Horizon

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Synopsis: Thousands of players are trapped in an MMORPG, and they must adapt to their new reality. The anime explores the social and political aspects of living in a game world, mirroring the societal impacts seen in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Synopsis: A man is summoned to another world as one of four legendary heroes, but he is quickly betrayed and left to fend for himself. His journey to clear his name and protect the world involves strategic thinking and societal contributions akin to those in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

6. Kino’s Journey

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Synopsis: Kino travels through various countries, each with unique customs and laws, observing and interacting with their inhabitants. The exploration of different cultures and societal norms resonates with the world-building aspect of “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

7. The Great Passage

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life
Synopsis: The story follows the creation of a new dictionary and the passion of the team behind it. Though not a fantasy or isekai, the meticulous and transformative work on the dictionary mirrors the dedication to pharmacy in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

8. World Trigger

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Synopsis: When an alien species invades Earth, a specialized organization uses advanced technology to protect humanity. The tactical and technological themes provide a similar intellectual satisfaction as the medical innovations in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

9. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Genre: Fantasy, Isekai
Synopsis: A man is summoned to another world to save a kingdom, using his knowledge of modern economics and politics. His practical and strategic approach to governance is reminiscent of the protagonist’s scientific contributions in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.

10. Cells at Work!

Genre: Comedy, Educational
Synopsis: Anthropomorphized cells within the human body work together to keep their world functioning. This educational approach to biological processes aligns with the medical and scientific focus seen in “Isekai Yakkyoku”.


These anime series offer a mix of isekai, fantasy, and intellectual themes that fans of “Isekai Yakkyoku” are likely to enjoy. Whether through scientific exploration, societal development, or unique world-building, each recommendation provides a fresh and engaging experience.


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