Top Anime Similar To Kakegurui


Top Anime Similar To Kakegurui

Kakegurui, a thrilling anime that revolves around high-stakes gambling and psychological battles, has captivated audiences worldwide. If you’ve enjoyed the adrenaline rush and strategic intricacies of Kakegurui, here’s a curated list of 10 anime series that share similar themes of high-stakes games, intense competition, and psychological drama.

Death Note:

Enter the world of Death Note, where a high school student discovers a notebook with the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. Like Kakegurui, Death Note explores the psychological toll of power and the intricate mind games between its characters.

No Game No Life:

   Sibling duo Sora and Shiro, undefeated gamers known as “Blank,” are transported to a fantasy world where everything is determined by games. No Game No Life offers a compelling blend of strategic gaming, wit, and psychological battles reminiscent of Kakegurui.


   Akagi is a classic in the world of gambling anime, featuring the eponymous protagonist who is a fearless and brilliant gambler. The series delves into the world of mahjong and the high-stakes games that shape Akagi’s destiny.

One Outs:

   One Outs takes baseball and transforms it into a high-stakes gambling spectacle. Protagonist Tokuchi Toua uses his strategic mind and exceptional pitching skills to outsmart opponents in a series of bets and wagers.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor:

   Kaiji, an unemployed and down-on-his-luck man, finds himself trapped in a world of underground gambling and survival games. This series explores themes of desperation, trust, and the lengths one will go to for a chance at redemption.

Liar Game:

   Liar Game introduces Nao Kanzaki, who becomes entangled in a psychological game where participants must outwit each other through deception and manipulation. The series explores the consequences of trust and betrayal in a high-stakes setting.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen:

   A sequel to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, this series follows Kaiji as he faces new challenges and gambles to pay off his massive debts. The intense psychological battles and high-stakes scenarios continue to grip viewers.

Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji:

   Based on the manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, this anime follows Kaiji Itou as he navigates through a series of life-or-death gambles. The narrative is driven by tension, strategy, and the consequences of losing in a world ruled by chance.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control:

   This anime combines financial battles with supernatural elements as protagonist Kimimaro Yoga becomes embroiled in a mysterious financial district. The series explores the consequences of risking everything for monetary gain.


    While not centered on gambling, Psycho-Pass shares the theme of a dystopian world where individuals are constantly under scrutiny. The Sybil System measures individuals’ mental states, and those deemed a threat are apprehended. The psychological depth and ethical dilemmas parallel those found in Kakegurui.


Anime enthusiasts seeking the thrill of high-stakes games, psychological battles, and intense competition will find these 10 series to be a perfect extension of the excitement experienced in Kakegurui. From strategic gambles to intricate mind games, these anime promise a rollercoaster ride of suspense, strategy, and psychological drama.

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