Top 3 Super-Hit Turkish Crime Dramas in Urdu Dub


Turkish Crime Drama

In recent years, Turkish television has captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping storytelling and compelling characters, particularly in the realm of crime dramas. With intricate plots, intense performances, and stunning cinematography, Turkish crime dramas have become a global phenomenon. Here, we delve into three super hit Turkish crime dramas that have garnered widespread acclaim and are must-watch for any fan of the genre.

Gizli Sakli: A Turkish superhit drama Gizli Sakli (Double Duty) was released in 2022.A drama that based on the love story of a young but senior policeman Emir and a newly passed out student from police academe Naaz. Both were sent to a mission where they fell in love. A heart-touching drama, full of emotions feeling and love. both were on a mission against a Mafia head. During the mission, they have to live together as a happy married couple who love to spend their time together. At the end of this mission both fell in love with each other and lived a happy married life.

Kara para Ask(Black Money Love ): another hit drama, based on the mystery of Omer’s Gf murder. During the case investigation, Omer came to know that his Gf was cheating on him. at that moment he realizes that there is more behind her. there he finds Elif Denizer. The story took many turns and unfolded different point that make this drama super interesting. Elif’s Father was also involved in her. There are many cute and lovely scenes of Elif and Omar. this drama was dubbed in Urdu with the title ” Kala paisa pyar”

Siyah Beyaz Ask (Price Of Passion): Another heart-touching, worth-watching drama also known as Black and white Love. A story of a doctor lady, who once saved the life of a captured man but as the story takes turn, she comes to know that the man Ferhat is a gangster and he wants to kill her when he comes to know that her brother is a policeman. Later he gave her an ultimatum either marry him or take his last name or die. This drama is on the list of must-watch dramas. this drama was translated in Urdu by name ” Sawal e ishq

In Conclusion:

Turkish crime dramas continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their gripping storytelling, complex characters, and immersive portrayal of the criminal underworld. For fans of the genre, these three must-watch series are sure to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.


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