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Turkish top romantic comedy dramas


Having a bad day, just watch any of these dramas and make your day good. Turkish dramas are famous nowadays. some of the famous hit Turkish dramas that are translated into Urdu as well as English are below:
Kiralık Aşk (Love For Rent): A love story of a young boss Omer and Defne. their story is like a roller coaster ride of emotions, love hate, and anger are some of them. Define who started her career as a waitress later on, she became a worker in Omer’s warehouse. Omer was one of the most well-known shoemakers in the world. this drama is not only about a love story rather you can see a strong friendship bond between Omer and Sinan. To watch a strong friendship bond one must watch this drama.
Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door): The viewer’s favourite series, broke the Twitter record for having highest no of tweets in 2021, Eda, a young bright, beautiful working woman as a florist in her aunt’s shop. Eda dreams of moving to Italy and getting her degree there, was shattered when Serkan Bolat’s company cancel her scholarship. this series is about her struggle to fulfil her dream, her love for plants and her hate foe Serkan.
Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere I Go):This series is about the love hate chemistry , between a young successful business man Demir and Selim. they both met at the house which was the place where Demir has spent his childhood , Seline and Demir both becomes the owner of same house. Soon they came to now that each of them own only the half of the property. Their hate for each other ended as their love for each other.


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