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Historical events of the Medieval Age


The word medieval Has been derived from two words “Medi-” means middle and “-ev” means age. medieval literally means “Of the Middle Ages“. Historically Middles means era between the “Roman empire and Renaissance” This Age is after the fall of great Roman state and Before the rebirth of Culture.
Medieval Ages lasts from 5th century to the 15th century .
Historical Facts of Medieval ages
The beginning of Medieval ages: In 476 A.D. the roman empire came to an end and the next thousand years were called the Middle Ages. The life in Europe was very hard. Only a few people can read and write while the only hope for others was their religion. A large number of people became Christians and hoped that life in heaven will be much better than life on earth.
The rise of Islam:
at the beginning of 7th century Islam started to became the important religion .Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) founded and rules the first Islamic state. Islam spread to the many parts of
world like Northern Africa, Spain , India and china in East.
During middle Ages , the Muslim world was more advanced and civilized than Christian .The ‘Islamic World’ was not a single state but different countries formed it had many things common like they were united.
Muslim traders travelled as far as Sahara, South Africa , China, Scandinavia and Russia.
Muslims traded high-quality goods such as silk, carpets, ivory and spices.
Knowledge of science and medicine in the Islamic world far more sophisticated than in western Europe.
The battle of Hastings (1066):William the powerful Norman king who invaded Britain in 1066. England was ruled by kings for 300 years who did not speak English. William built a lot of castles and buildings from the taxes collecting from English people. The brought a lot of French words to England.

Declaration of Magna Carta(1215 AD): The Magna Carta Libertatum , or the great charter of liberties of England was originally issued in 1215.this charter was considered as the first step towards the constitutional government of England.

The Great Famine(1315-1317AD): Whole northern England suffered the great famine in 1315 to 1317 itself. During these two years of famine , a large number of people died because of hunger and diseases.
Black death: Almost half of the people of western Europe died of a great illness that was called the “Black death”. it got its name because the skin of sick people turned dark and grey. The Black Death almost took lives of 35 million people.

The people of Middle Ages thought that the Black Death” was a sign of punishment from God.


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