Introduction Of English Literature And Its Background


The one of richest literatures of the world is English literature. Being the literature of a great nation. it has made its mark in the world as it reflects the characteristics of great people. As we know literature is the reflection of society, the various changes that have come in English society, from the earliest to modern times, have left their stamp on English literature. Therefore in order to appreciate the various phrases of English literature, knowledge of English social and political history is important.

By the study of the history of English literature from earliest to modern times, we came to know that it has passed through certain definite phases, each having marked characteristics. these phases in English literature are known as “Ages” or “Periods”, which are named after the rulers of England or important central literary figures of England. For example in English literature, we have the “Ages” of Milton, Hardy, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dryden, and Wordsworth; On the other hand, we have the Elizabethan Age, the Jacobean Period, the Age of Queen Anne, the Victorian Age, and Georgian period.

Some of these phases are named after certain literary movements, such as the Classical Age, and the Romantic Age; while some are after certain important historical eras, as the Medieval Age, Anglo-Saxon Period, and Anglo-Norman Period. These phases are also named by some literary historians after the centuries, as the Seventeenth Century literature, Nineteenth Century literature, Twentieth Century literature.

In Conclusion: Above mention information is the basic concept or literary eras that are important in English literature. To study English literature one should have this concept.


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