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Literature And Its Significance


English literature

Introduction: literature of every age works as the mirror of that age. Literature includes a wide range of works like poems, novels, songs films, or even dramas. literature is one of the fine arts, as it is meant to give aesthetic pleasure rather than serve any utilitarian purpose. thus any writing that has aesthetical value is considered a part of literature. Books dealing with political science, history, biography religion, politics, etc said to be a part of literature because of the writer’s ability to write them in such a way that they have aesthetical values.
Literature communicates experiences: literature communicates the experiences of a writer but it not directly reflect what the writer has experienced or how he has experienced rather the writer can make a connection through words with his readers to transplant his ideas.
Literature and Life: There is an intimate relationship between literature and life. life is in fact, the subject matter of literature. Plato, the great Greek philosopher, was the first who give thoughts about life and literature. Poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature. Plato shares his thoughts on poetry but his le. are equally applied to literature as whole.
Plato said poetry is an “imitation of life”. Whereas Aristotle said that poetry is an imitation of an imitation. It means he believes that there is a creator God has an idea of the world thus he created the world and we all reflect that world in our work. No doubt every piece of literature has some connection to life.
Literature and Society: literature works as a mirror of society as it reflects its culture, tradition, and languages, the three most important components of a society.
it is a belief that if someone wants to get knowledge about a society he should study its literature. It not not society that affects the literature sometimes literature too can affect society. Some new ideas or concepts can be introduced in society with the help of literature.
Conclusion: To conclude this topic I would like to say that literature is the most important part of a society, era or time. Literature of any language has an impact on society. and literature is always related to a group of people rather than any single person.

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