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A new Batman Arkham game is on its way but can you play it?


batman arkham shadow

Fans of the Batman franchise, rejoice! Batman: Arkham Shadow, the newest game in the Arkham series, will only be available on Meta Quest 3 later this year. We’re eager to see this project come to fruition because we already have a brief teaser trailer and information on who is creating the game.

Batman: Arkham Shadow, the first new game in the Arkham series since the first VR Arkham game back in 2016, is sure to be a candidate for our list of the greatest Meta Quest 3 games upon release. Although it doesn’t use the Arkham moniker, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is based in the same universe. Notably, Batman: Arkham Shadow is incompatible with meta headsets, and is only available via Steam and PSVR.

The development team behind Iron Man VR and Republique—which also has a VR port—Camoflaj is working on Batman: Arkham Shadow. The firm was bought by Meta to become a first-party developer, according to a statement made back in 2022 by studio leader and founder Ryan Payton, who developed titles including Metal Gear Solid 4 and Halo 4.

Apart from mobile games and ports, Camoflaj is now the fourth studio to develop a full mainline Batman Arkham game, joining Rocksteady Games, WB Montreal, and Armature Studios. Warner Bros. is well known for not letting the Batman game license become a free-for-all, and while the last Suicide Squad game may have been met with lukewarm at best reviews, the Arkham games have always been considered among the best superhero games ever released.

Although a release date has not been set, further information about the game will be revealed on Friday, June 7, 2024, at the Summer Game Fest. Given that the headset’s hardware capabilities are limited in comparison to what can be accomplished on PCVR, the decision to keep this game a Meta Quest 3 exclusive is sure to spark controversy. However, since Meta now owns the studio, it makes perfect sense: this is the kind of game that could encourage franchise fans to purchase headsets.

Batman: Arkham Shadow isn’t anticipated to be released for free like the previous big first-party Meta game, Asgard’s Wrath 2, but that would be a very welcome surprise for Meta Quest 3 headset owners.


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