Top 10 Games Like Gang Beasts You Should Try


Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts, with its wacky physics and hilariously chaotic multiplayer brawls, has become a beloved party game. If you enjoy its over-the-top fun, you’ll love these ten similar games that bring their unique twist to the genre.

  1. Human: Fall Flat
    Like Gang Beasts, this game features floppy, physics-based characters. Players solve puzzles in open-ended levels, leading to plenty of unintended hilarity as they stumble and bumble their way through obstacles.
  2. Totally Reliable Delivery Service
    Combining ragdoll physics with a delivery mission, this game is as chaotic as it sounds. Play solo or with friends as you attempt (and often fail) to deliver packages across unpredictable environments.
  3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
    This game takes the party atmosphere to a massive multiplayer scale. Compete in wacky obstacle courses and mini-games, striving to be the last one standing in a colorful and chaotic world.
  4. Stick Fight: The Game
    A fast-paced, physics-based brawler where stick figures battle it out in various dynamic arenas. The simple controls and unpredictable environments make for endless fun with friends.
  5. Ultimate Chicken Horse
    A platformer where players build the level as they play, placing traps and obstacles to outwit opponents. It’s a blend of strategy and chaos that guarantees laughs and surprises.
  6. Move or Die
    As the title suggests, this game requires constant movement. With fast-paced mini-games and ever-changing rules, it’s perfect for quick, chaotic rounds of multiplayer fun.
  7. Brawlhalla
    For those who enjoy a bit more structured combat, Brawlhalla offers a platform fighting experience akin to Smash Bros., with a variety of characters and fast-paced action.
  8. Overcooked! 2
    Team up with friends to cook and serve dishes in increasingly absurd kitchens. Coordination and communication are key, but expect plenty of hilarious mishaps along the way.
  9. Pummel Party
    A digital board game where players compete in mini-games and try to outmaneuver each other on the board. It combines strategy with frantic mini-games for a well-rounded party experience.
  10. Cake Bash
    Compete as cakes in a variety of mini-games to become the tastiest treat. The charming visuals and chaotic gameplay make it a delightful party game.

These games capture the essence of Gang Beasts’ fun and unpredictability, making them great choices for your next game night. Whether you’re brawling, puzzling, or racing, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!


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