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Top 10 Missions in Control



Control, the critically acclaimed action-adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment, immerses players into a world of mystery, intrigue, and supernatural phenomena. With its captivating narrative and unique gameplay mechanics, Control has garnered widespread praise since its release. Within its labyrinthine corridors and enigmatic landscapes lie missions that stand out for their complexity, creativity, and sheer entertainment value. Let’s delve into the top 10 missions that make Control an unforgettable gaming experience.

Welcome to the Oldest House: This introductory mission sets the stage for the enigmatic Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) headquarters, the Oldest House. As Jesse Faden, players navigate through the shifting corridors of this mysterious building while learning about its secrets and the entities that reside within.

Old Boys’ Club: In this mission, Jesse confronts the enigmatic Board, a mysterious entity that oversees the FBC’s operations. The encounter with the Board provides tantalizing glimpses into the game’s overarching narrative and leaves players questioning the nature of reality itself.

Threshold Kids: Control’s quirky sense of humor shines in this mission, where players encounter a series of bizarre puppet shows created by the FBC. The Threshold Kids segments offer a delightful blend of dark comedy and surrealism, providing a welcome break from the game’s intense action.

Ahti, the Janitor: Ahti, the eccentric janitor of the Oldest House, plays a crucial role in Jesse’s journey. This mission delves into Ahti’s mysterious past and his connection to the supernatural forces at play within the FBC.

Ashtray Maze: Widely regarded as one of the game’s highlights, the Ashtray Maze is a tour de force of level design and gameplay innovation. Players must navigate through a shifting labyrinth while engaging in intense combat encounters, all set to an electrifying soundtrack.

The Foundation: This expansion introduces players to the depths beneath the Oldest House, where ancient forces threaten to destabilize reality itself. As Jesse explores this subterranean realm, she uncovers secrets that could have profound implications for the future of the FBC.

AWE: In this expansion, Jesse investigates the Altered World Events (AWEs) that have occurred throughout history, leading her to confront a formidable adversary known as the Hiss. The AWE expansion expands upon Control’s lore while delivering thrilling new gameplay experiences.

The Anchor: As Jesse ventures into the depths of the Astral Plane, she encounters the Anchor, a powerful entity that threatens to tear the fabric of reality asunder. This mission showcases Control’s exhilarating combat mechanics and otherworldly visuals.

Finnish Tango: This side mission delves into the backstory of Arish, a former FBC agent with a troubled past. Through poignant storytelling and character development, Finnish Tango adds depth to Control’s ensemble cast.

Take Control: In the climactic finale, Jesse confronts the true nature of the Hiss and embarks on a perilous journey to restore order to the Oldest House. With its epic scope and emotional resonance, Take Control delivers a satisfying conclusion to Jesse’s journey.

    In conclusion, Control’s top 10 missions offer a diverse array of experiences that showcase the game’s strengths in storytelling, world-building, and gameplay innovation. Whether unraveling the mysteries of the Oldest House or battling otherworldly foes in the Astral Plane, players are sure to find something to love in Control’s unforgettable missions.


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