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Top 10 Missions in Final Fantasy 7 Remake



Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a masterpiece that encapsulates nostalgia and innovation, has left players spellbound with its immersive gameplay and gripping storyline. Among its myriad of quests and missions, some stand out for their complexity, emotion, and sheer excitement. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 missions that have captivated gamers worldwide:

The Bombing Mission: The game kicks off with a bang as players assume the role of Cloud Strife and the eco-terrorist group Avalanche, tasked with sabotaging the Mako Reactor in Sector 1. This iconic mission sets the tone for the adventure ahead.

Rescue Aerith: When Aerith, the flower girl, is captured by the Shinra corporation, Cloud and his comrades embark on a daring rescue mission through the slums of Sector 5. The emotional stakes are high as they race against time to save their friend.

The Train Graveyard: Navigating through the eerie Train Graveyard presents both challenges and mysteries. Players must confront ghostly apparitions and solve puzzles to progress, making it a memorable and atmospheric experience.

The Battle for Sector 7: As tensions escalate between Avalanche and Shinra, players find themselves defending Sector 7 from a relentless assault. This epic battle tests their combat skills and strategic prowess as they fend off waves of enemies.

Aerith’s Homecoming: Returning Aerith safely to her home in the Sector 5 Slums is a poignant moment filled with heartfelt conversations and glimpses into her past. It’s a quiet interlude amidst the chaos, allowing players to connect with the characters on a deeper level.

The Sewers: Venturing into the dark and treacherous sewers beneath Midgar, players encounter deadly creatures and navigate labyrinthine tunnels in search of a way out. The sense of claustrophobia and danger adds to the tension of this gripping mission.

The Corneo Colosseum: Competing in the gladiatorial arena of the Corneo Colosseum provides thrilling combat encounters and the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. Players must prove their mettle against formidable opponents to emerge victorious.

The Drum: Escape from Midgar: In the climactic finale, players must escape from the city of Midgar amidst chaos and destruction. Racing against time, they navigate through collapsing infrastructure and face off against powerful adversaries in a bid for freedom.

The Forgotten City: Exploring the hauntingly beautiful Forgotten City unveils secrets of the past and sheds light on the enigmatic character of Aerith. It’s a mesmerizing blend of exploration, storytelling, and emotional resonance.

The Shinra Building Infiltration: Breaking into the imposing Shinra Building is a daring mission that requires stealth, cunning, and combat prowess. Players must navigate through heavily guarded corridors and outsmart security measures to uncover the truth behind Shinra’s machinations.

    In Conclusion: Each of these missions contributes to the rich tapestry of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, offering unforgettable moments of excitement, emotion, and adventure. Whether battling enemies, solving puzzles, or delving into the lore of Midgar, these missions showcase the best of what the game has to offer, leaving players eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this epic journey.


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