AI Dangerous or Not? Unravelling the Danger.



AI Stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is a software developed by humans from Machine Learning. Development of computer science that can perform tasks that requires human Intelligence. These tasks are performed by AI computer software. Question is this that is AI Dangerous or not?

Every Technology has its advantages and disadvantages also. The impact of AI on humanity depends on how it is established, organized, and regulated. While AI has the potential to bring about significant positive changes, there are also worries about prospective risks and dangers. Here are some aspects to consider:

Security Concerns: As (NLP) Natural Language Processing System Software enables computer to understand Human Algorithm which can enables computers to interpret human language and emotions. Which enables AI as such a strong software which can create deep face videos and voices which looks like very realistic and any one can believe on these videos. There is a risk that people can use AI as deep face videos and voices to spread fake and misinformation for wrong purpose, which effects on humans very badly and cause of black mailing.

Job Displacement: AI is very strong Artificial Intelligence software which is used to perform and solves different tasks and problems which can affect to replace certain jobs, leading to unemployment in specific sectors. Many companies are using AI software in different professions to solve problems in very short time and effective way.

AI in Military: In the advancement of AI technology Military are also use AI technology in their field. Autonomous weapons are developed by AI in Militaries. Robotic solders are becoming a part of Military with self-made weapons, programs are developed by AI. But as robots are emotionless they don’t have emotions as humans are. The danger is that if the programs crashes by somehow it’s difficult to handle these machines which cause disaster on national level.

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